East Gippsland
Community Based Internship

Victorian Rural Generalist Program – Gippsland

The East Gippsland Community Based Internship program is proud to be part of the Victorian Rural Generalist Program (VRGP).

The VRGP is a state-wide end-to-end Rural Generalist training program that allows the future rural generalist workforce to train, work and live in rural and regional Victoria. The program offers a diverse and rewarding training experience and the Gippsland region has much to offer.

More information about the VRGP is available here or if you have any questions about the VRGP in the Gippsland region please contact us.

EGCBI Program

Welcome to our 2020 interns

Our Interns this year are from Monash, Deakin and the University of Melbourne  – we’ve picked the best of the best. What our Interns have in common is an interest in rural medicine, the desire to complete a GP rotation, and the knowledge that the EGCBI program provides a broad range of hands on experiences, with supportive and skilled staff and colleagues in a great working environment. (Being 1/2hr from the beach and 2hrs from the snow doesn’t hurt either!)

If this sounds good to you, and you’d like the same opportunities, then…..

2021 could be YOUR year to train in the Victorian countryside.

The East Gippsland Community Based Internship (EGCBI) program is an innovative and collaborative approach to rural medical training, and it wants you! It’s  designed and delivered cooperatively by five of our regional health partners – and a great chance for you to complete your internship differently, better and more actively.

What’s different about EGCBI?

This program offers:

  • opportunities for much more hands on activity (as opposed to watching)
  • individualised learning and support
  • frequent and direct access to supervisors, specialists and consultants
  • an integrated approach to the achievement of competencies and experience
  • seamless relationships with further community and/or rural training
  • great exposure to procedural work
  • dedicated teaching time
  • pathways to PGY2+ years

East Gippsland offers Victorian rural living at its best – stunning environment, great lifestyle and friendly communities. Now, thanks to a collaboration between Central Gippsland Health Service, Bairnsdale Regional Health Service, MacLeod St Medical Centre (Bairnsdale), Clocktower Medical Centre (Sale) and Cunninghame Arm Medical Centre (Lakes Entrance)  – you can have the best of all worlds.

In 2021, the program will place 3 interns in the Bairnsdale region and 2 in the Sale region. This CBI represents an exciting and innovative development in intern training in Victoria and in Australia – now all it needs is you.