• Clocktower Medical Centre, Sale

    The practice has four partners and four part-time associates. There are usually four receptionists and three practice nurses on duty. A number of the GPs provide anaesthetic and obstetric services and admit patients to the hospital GP ward.

    The practice is located in a large, modern, purpose-built medical centre, centrally situated in Sale. There are eleven consulting rooms, a large nursing complex (including a casualty-type area), an audio room and one procedure room. Gippsland Pathology has a collection centre on site.

    Around 750 patients are seen each week. The practice is fully computerized and uses Medical Director as a clinical package and Pracsoft as an accounting/appointment package.

    The Centre is accredited for Registrar, medical student and PGPPP training. Tutorials are held regularly and usually rotate through the partners. Medical education is encouraged through educational meetings held weekly at the Hospital and many other local meetings including satellite broadcasts.