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    The East Gippsland Shire stretches from Bairnsdale to the NSW border. It’s a region studded with small happy communities who enjoy a stunning natural environment, mild climate and easy lifestyle.

    It’s a region endowed with lazy rivers, brisk high-country, wild beaches and of course the Gippsland Lakes.

    But you don’t need to be a nature-holic. (Because there’s everything else too! now with added wi-fi!)

    Cafes, galleries, and weekend markets - in the glorious wide open spaces, lakeside, beachside, off the beaten track, or in the relative hubbub of town.

    You’ll find East Gippsland rich with like-minds, and time to talk, think, write, study – and occasionally just go for a long, quiet paddle at sunset.

    Embrace organic home made jams, not traffic jams.

    Find communities, friends and new passions that will change what you value most.

    At night there are great restaurants and fab hotels – and lots of roaring log fires.

    Walkers, cyclists, yachties – old hands or emerging salts - skiers and snowboarders love their secret playgrounds.

    The joy of rural life – where you can make your own adventure!