Paul Marosszeky

I grew up in Sydney and originally came to Gippsland for med school. Having spent most of the clinical years of medical school in East Gippsland, and having had a ball, I have returned to do my GP Registrar training out this way as well (after having worked in Melbourne for a couple of years). Six months into working out here, I am happy to say that the experience of *working* out here has been positive for many of the reasons why being a student out here was so great.

The positives, as I see it:

  • Diverse clinical exposure with supportive, engaged and generally friendly bosses.
  • Within the context of supported clinical exposure, you get a lot more ‘hands on’ experience and autonomy: given you are competing with fewer residents/registrars etc… for the same clinical opportunities.
  • Working for a small organisation where you genuinely feel part of the team rather than another number.
  • Great place to live: lakes, beaches, mountains, snow all within close distance. Traffic means you see another car on your way to work.

As in many things in life, you will get out what you put in. For me, I enjoy rural practice for all of the reasons I listed above, as well as the broader scope of practice offered when one works rurally, not to mention the lifestyle. If you think you might be similarly inclined, I’d encourage you to give it a go.

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