Sarah Wilmot

sarahTalking to you about living and working in East Gippsland is easy. I love it here. I have to admit I had reservations about completing my internship in Gippsland. I was worried if it would negatively affect my learning experience and career opportunities. I am now delighted to let you know that my experience has been excellent.

    Let me provide a few highlights

  • PGPPP placement where I had my own office and patients and fantastic supervision. Excellent learning when on-call, especially over weekends. Opportunity to be independent with minor surgeries was excellent.
  • General medical term that included the usual discharge summaries but also an ICU round every morning. Fantastic registrars in the BPT physician program who had current evidence based knowledge and were happy to share it.
  • An emergency term where I was allocated cubicles and regularly had to work up category 2 and 3 patient presentation all with an ED physician as my first support and teaching option. I got to put in a chest tube in my first week (under supervision).
  • I learnt to love pre-admission clinic on my surgical term where the staff were super organised and supportive.
  • My anaesthetics term has given me increased confidence to manage airways in both a controlled and an emergency setting.
  • I applied for and was successful in being accepted into the GP training program with Southern GP while an intern.

In all rotations I was working alongside interns who have to rotate from major metropolitan hospitals to the country. Each one of them was surprised by how much a part of the community they were made to feel. They were also impressed with the quality of medicine practised and the learning opportunities that arose. The rural hospitals are hoping to attract long term medical staff. As a result I found that our experience as interns’ was valued.

The working relationships I was able to establish with staff have caused my working environment to become a place of not only learning, but also a rewarding experience. The variety of patients, realising the usefulness of ISBAR, the genuine interest of the teaching staff and the support of the administration at all levels has made my time in Gippsland worthwhile.

I am happy to be contacted to discuss my experiences further via email;

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