So – how does the EGCBI program work?

In the EGCBI, Interns complete their core rotations of Emergency, General Medicine and Surgery at either the Sale Hospital or Bairnsdale Hospital. In addition to this, they complete their community based rotation at a local medical clinic, the Clocktower Medical Centre in Sale, Macleod St Medical Centre in Bairnsdale and Cunninghame Arm Medical Centre in Lakes Entrance.

In 2020, two interns will complete all their training in the Sale region, and three interns will complete all their training in the Bairnsdale region. This allows you to develop a sense of belonging and ownership in the communities. It also enables you to follow patients along their journey – for example you may see a patient in a general practice, and then later see them in Emergency or the wards.

All your experiences will be a mixture of supervised practice and integrated training.

The four rotations that comprise the EGCBI are detailed below.

    1. Community site competencies
    2. Emergency medicine competencies
    3. Medicine competencies
    4. Surgery competencies

The diagram below summarises a sample structure of the intern rotations in both the Bairnsdale and Sale regions.

Term Bairnsdale Sale
Intern 1 Intern 2 Intern 3 Intern 4 Intern 5
1 Integrated community (Bairnsdale) Medicine Integrated community Medicine Surgery
2 Emergency Medicine Integrated community (Sale) Medicine
3 Medicine Integrated community (Bairnsdale) Surgery Emergency
4 Surgery Emergency Surgery Integrated community (Sale)
5 Emergency Surgery Integrated community (Bairnsdale) Emergency

The Community Practice rotation is designed to extend over 20 weeks rather than the traditional 10 week rotation.

A primary purpose of this extended rotation is to allow interns to become familiar with the interface between primary and secondary care, in locations in which the roles of the general practitioners span both. In both the Macleod Street and Clocktower practices, general practitioners provide services in both the hospital and the community. In Bairnsdale, general practitioners provide all anaesthetic and obstetric services and admit medical patients under their care. In Sale, although there are more resident specialist medical practitioners, some general practitioners provide anaesthetic and obstetric services and there is a separate ward for patients who are under the care of their general practitioner. This provides a wealth of experiences for you to experience during your Internship.